EIfI - European Institute for Innovation | FREED Project – Invitation to tender for up to €30,000 to support energy innovations
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FREED Project – Invitation to tender for up to €30,000 to support energy innovations

FREED Project – Invitation to tender for up to €30,000 to support energy innovations

The European Institute for Innovation (EIfI) is a partner in the FREED Project, established to support the development of innovation in energy technologies currently unavailable within the Northern Periphery & Artic regions, which runs until the end of 2018. This will be achieved by selected companies, SME’s or start-ups, collaborating with private finance to bring technology transfer of IP to create products and bringing them to market.

The FREED Project invites applications from companies, SME’s or start-ups to develop innovative energy technologies. The European Institute for Innovation will be using the https://service.bi-online.de/TenderDocuments/D427953410 (tender number D427953410) posted on 24th February. Aimed at businesses that are currently active in the Energy Technology sector, FREED is offering financial support to develop and take innovative energy technologies to commercialisation. A maximum sum of €30,000 may be made available to successful applicants as well as in-kind support offering incubation capabilities, market access and unique access to private investment. Each innovative technology selected will be promoted through the project across the partner region in the NPA area and beyond.

Candidates are to submit technology innovation proposals, which address identified challenges in the following four thematic areas:

  • Intelligent grid (IoT): including but not restricted to smart illumination; 5G solutions; electrical and heat distribution networks; intelligent energy systems; remotely controllable loads; distributed grid management; power electronics; “virtual” power stations; demand side & control system management; upgraded power grid; solutions for zero-emission zones in smart cities; data analysis, integrated computerised maintenance management systems (CMMS), decentralised and off-grid solutions
  • Energy storage: including but not restricted to advanced battery technology; energy for transport sector; thermal energy storage, hydrogen energy storage; hybrid energy storage systems, domestic and commercial scale heat recovery systems; small scale solar PV with integrated battery storage, decentralised and off-grid solutions
  • Smart and efficient buildings and environment: including but not restricted to ultra-energy efficient building management solutions and services; BMS and metering technologies; ICT solutions to encourage monitoring; smart HVAC linked to renewable energy; smart temp and humidity control for built heritage sites; energy cost reduction technology for water treatment
  • Renewable energies: including but not restricted to solar PV, anaerobic digestion, bioenergy and related supply chains inc. biomass CHP; marine and hydro renewable energy; 2nd generation biofuels; technology to increase usage of on-site renewables; advanced heat pumps, solar thermal, decentralised and off-grid solutions

A condition of being awarded the contract is that technology development and the commercial development of the output must take place in the Northern Periphery and Arctic region, as defined by the European Union Interreg Programme.


The FREED Project has seven full-partners from across and outside the NPA region:

  • University of Oulu from Finland
  • South-West College from Northern Ireland
  • Western Development Commission from Ireland
  • Green Angel Syndicate from Scotland
  • Narvik Science Park from Norway
  • Limerick Institute of Technology from Ireland
  • European Institute for Innovation from Germany

and one associate-partner:

  • Sustainable Venture Development Partners Ltd from UK

he FREED Project is funded under The Northern Periphery and Arctic Programme 2014-2020 (NPA) which is a cooperative programme between nine partner countries of: Finland, Ireland, Sweden and the United Kingdom (Scotland and Northern Ireland) in cooperation with the Faroe Islands, Iceland, Greenland and Norway.


For further information, photos or interview please contact:

Chris Ashe, Director at the European Institute for Innovation




Further information about the project and its activities, are available at:

  1. Website – www.freedproject.eu
  2. Facebook – www.facebook.com/FREEDproject/
  3. Twitter – @Freedproject


Further information about the Interreg NPA Programme, are available at:


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