EIfI - European Institute for Innovation | Growing into Industry 4.0 – Accelerate growth in manufacturing SME’s
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Growing into Industry 4.0 – Accelerate growth in manufacturing SME’s

Growing into Industry 4.0 – Accelerate growth in manufacturing SME’s

The European Institute for Innovation (EIfI) has been successful in gaining approval for GrowIn 4.0 within the Interreg North Sea Region Programme (NSR).

GrowIn 4.0 aims to build strong competences and tools in the participating NSR regions for the benefit of manufacturing SME’s. The overall objective is to raise the level of innovation and to create more growth within manufacturing SME’s who are heading for Industry 4.0. The approach is to establish a strong partnership which pool knowledge on the manufacturing industry and Industry 4.0. Main challenges and solutions in regards of implementing Industry 4.0 will be investigated. The results of collections of new or improved methods and tools – developed in interaction with SME’s – will be universal within different areas of the NSR and beyond.

The EIfI will address and present the paradigms and ICT innovations in manufacturing-related processes to its EU networks, with an emphasis on the NSR. An important element of EIfIs mission is to move GrowIn 4.0 innovations into the market. The EIfI will support the creation of better SME links with future focused skills supply chains to increase business growth across the NSR. Support for identification of capability gaps in manufacturing/technological sectors will also be a task that the EIfI will undertake.

Benjamin Daumiller, Associate Director of EIfI said “the manufacturing industry is very important for the NSR economy and remains a driver for economic growth regionally also, especially in Germany. If the manufacturing industry in the NSR is to remain competitive, we need to capture the potential for productivity and growth that Industry 4.0 appears to offer, essentially the digitization of sectors. There is a real need for experience based and smart gathering of efficient methods, tools and knowledge to guide SMEs in their transformation towards Industry 4.0. and the EIfI looks forward to this development and employer engagement. This project is of real significance to several economic sectors including the automotive sector and I look forward to working with the EIfI team in participating in the project”

Please also see the GrowIn 4.0 project site.


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