EIfI - European Institute for Innovation | The EIfI presents at Beuth University of Applied Sciences, Berlin – January 2018
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The EIfI presents at Beuth University of Applied Sciences, Berlin – January 2018

The EIfI presents at Beuth University of Applied Sciences, Berlin – January 2018

Mr. Ben Daumiller, Associate Director of the European Institute for Innovation (EIfI) and the EIfI-Tech, held a presentation at the Beuth University of Applied Sciences in Berlin back in January on the EIfI Umbrella organisation and its significance within the scope of merging technical innovation with economic deployment across Europe. In order to clarify the fields of action of the EIfI, Ben discussed with the students the institute’s current projects and how they were chosen for their proximity to digital markets, reflecting a cross-section of the activities of the European Institute for Innovation.

Following the presentation, Ben and students from Beuth University drafted a paper in a collaborative effort to provide a detailed overview of each of the EIfI’s projects and their short and long term goals. The collaborative effort between the EIfI and the students of Beuth allowed for the establishment of a supportive and regular communication exchange, which gave Beuth University students the feeling of real interest and commitment on the part of the European Institute for Innovation. The students of Beuth described their impression of the experience as being ‘’very grateful that the EIfI explicitly wanted to have consultations and face-to-face meetings, thus creating a solid basis for cooperation.’’

This sort of cooperation between the EIfI students at universities and technical colleges accurately represents a main goal of the EIfI—to establish a strong network of likeminded organisations and individuals to effectively shorten the connection between industry & academia partners. Even further, developing lasting networks amongst universities and entrepreneurs is necessary in order to close the gap between national/EU agencies, learning institutions, the private sector and people – the so called “Quadruple Helix” that the EIfI stands for.

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