EIfI - European Institute for Innovation | Interreg Europe ‘’Europe, Let’s cooperate!’’ 2019
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Interreg Europe ‘’Europe, Let’s cooperate!’’ 2019

Interreg Europe ‘’Europe, Let’s cooperate!’’ 2019

This April, the Director of the European Institute for Innovation, Chris Ashe, represented the Interreg Europe ZEROCO2 project at the Interreg Europe “Europe, Let’s Cooperate!“ 2019 in Brussels. Ashe served on a panel of Action Plan experts as a part of a full-day tailored exchange of experience programme reserved for lead partners and representatives of Interreg Europe projects.


Chris Ashe, Director of the European Institute for Innovation (EIfI), representing the international ZEROCO2 Interreg Europe project at the annual Interreg Europe event.


The Action Plan expert panel session on the 11th of April 2019 was attached to the three-day international Interreg Europe ‘’Europe, Let’s cooperate!’’ event, which brought together 500+ policymakers, actors & implementers (plus lead partners of soon-to-be-selected fourth call projects!) from all over Europe to network and exchange ideas.

Specifically, the expert panel session focused on the Interreg Europe Programme requirements for action plans, as well as tips and tricks for designing successful action plans.

Speakers included:

  • Erwin Siweris, Interreg Europe
  • Charo Camacho, Interreg Europe
  • José Maria Romero Fidalgo, TITTAN Project
  • Mariagiovanna Laudani, RESOLVE Project
  • Chris Ashe, ZEROCO2 Project


José Maria Romero Fidalgo of the TITTAN Project gives some pointers on creating a successful Action Plan.


Participants in the action plan workshop also had a chance to share their ideas on the questions to be addressed the most relevant issues to be tackled during the day.

For more information on the international ZEROCO2 (Promotion of near zero CO2 emission buildings due to energy use) Interreg Europe project, please visit www.interregeurope.eu/zeroco2.



Chris Ashe (EIfI) explaining the importance of interregional cooperation in the development of action plans.

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