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ZeroCO2 Final Conference

ZeroCO2 Final Conference

The overall objective of the ZEROCO2 project is to improve regional energy policies with regards to environmental sustainability and mitigation of climate change risk, with a special focus on greening the building sector through enhancement of various eco-friendly energy sources and technologies, stressing its importance as an incubator for new markets in the field of energy, technologies, services and business models. After a project duration of four years, project is now approaching completion.

In the context of the final conference, the achieved successes will be presented and discussed and an outlook on the potential of developed the contents will be given.

Chris Ashe, Director of the European Institute for Innovation (Eifi) will moderate the conference. Within the Agenda of the conference information about best practices from the partnership and the various project results will be given to the audience. The Project results also include the Zero CO2 Emission Certification System which is a community collaboration with environmental researchers and private partners to design a set of community resources and an accreditation system for communities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The ZeroCO2 Buildings will be presented in the Light of the New 2018 Energy Performance Buildings Directive as the new Directive has huge potential for efficiency gains in the EU building sector, the largest single energy consumer in Europe.

Within the final conference the Cost-optimal Energy Performance Rating Levels for the Building Sector in Malta will be presented and the Joint Action Plan towards a common framework for integrated strategies for the Energy Renovation of Public Buildings (ERPB) in the Mediterranean will be explained.

Participants of the conference will gain knowledge about Bank support for energy renovation of buildings in Greece will be communicated and the Interreg Europe state of play will be outlined.

As a total, the Final conference will show the project examples of successfully implemented projects as a result of different energy policies, examples of near emission buildings due to energy use and excellent examples of strategies and programmes that are leading cities or regions in the direction of reducing emissions in buildings, and that the projects developments have set up in a way to further enhance policies towards near zero emission buildings due to energy use in partner regions and countries.

Klich here to register for the conference:
ZeroCO2 final conference registration

See the agenda:
ZeroCO2 final conference agenda

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