EIfI - European Institute for Innovation | Brussels
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The European Institute for Innovation (EIfI) Brussels office was established in 2015 to represent EIfI members and stakeholders at the very heart of the European Union. The EIfI Brussels office provides a vital link between its members/stakeholders and the EU institutions. The office helps EIfI to influence policy, access funds and build European partnerships. The EIfI emphasis is on cohesive interest including regional policy, transportation, the environment, energy, ICT/broadband competence, social inclusion, employability & skills, entrepreneurship, culture and tourism.


Brussels is where the main EU institutions are located and where most European regions and sectors are represented, so it is the ideal place for the EIfI to be making its voice heard. Within its Brussels networks access to considerable EU funding is available. The EIfI has excellent relationships with its members, regional MEPs, the European Commission Directorates and members regional government’s representatives to the EU. It is also active in various European regional networks, which lobby jointly, bid for funding together and share best practice, all of which allows its members/stakeholders to have a distinct advantage.


The EIfI keeps members informed in a variety of ways: organising visits to Brussels for particular events/meetings; arranging meetings and seminars in member regions; distributing regular thematic communiqués and producing in-depth briefings; additionally the EIfI website, which promotes its members in Brussels and beyond through its various office locations. The EIfI is directed by its Strategic Leadership Board, on which all members have an input; the regular leadership board meetings decide generally the strategic direction of the EIfI .