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About the project


What things should you never put into the fridge? Why should you never let run the faucet while brushing your teeth? And should you close the windows while the heeting is switched on?
Answers to these and many other questions about saving energy and water were given playfully to children in 15 daycare centers in the district of Osterholz. The climate protection program ener: kita connected educational and technical issues in public institutions. Not only preschoolers got to know the basics of environmental awareness – also the costs of ownership could be reduced in the participating institutions. Projects, developed by the climate protection agency Energie-Konsens Bremen GmbH, could be successfully implemented in Bremen, Bremerhaven and the municipality of Schiffdorf (Cuxhaven). The climate protection agency was also promoter of the ener:kita project in the district of Osterholz, where the project could be implemented together with the European Institute for Innovation (EIFI) as the main partner for a period of two years (2013-2015). This program was also supported by the city of Osterholz-Scharmbeck and the municipalities Schwanewede, Ritterhude, Lilienthal, Grasberg and Hambergen.
With the slogan „Smarter than the Power Thief“ specially trained teachers of the Biological Station Osterholz (BioS) offered trainings for educators about issues like electricity, heat and water. The teaching staff could then provide the ideas of energy saving in a simple and child-friendly manner with help of music, arts, crafts books and experiments. So the basics for responsible use of natural resources could be implemented already in preschool time. The energy-saving proposals oriented themselves on the experiences of the age of the group and were integrated into the daily routines.
Within the technical support by the energy consultant network Enerkom-OHZ the building equipment in the daycare centers was investigated and vulnerabilities could be tracked. Energy consultants tested heating systems, toilets, windows and doors, as well as lighting and kitchen. As part of the consultation the staff of the daycare centers got to know, how the power consumption could be reduced by simple means – for example, through using LED lighting, disconnectable power strips or the use of coffee machines with integrated thermoses. At the end of the project the daycare centers received premiums for their energy reduction, that should motivate for further actions in the field of energy saving and climate protection.


Osterholzer Stadtwerke


Biological Station Osterholz-Scharmbeck (BIOS)

Energy Consultant Network ENERKOM-OHZ

City of Osterholz-Scharmbeck

Municipality of Schwanewede

Municipality of Ritterhude

Municipality Hambergen

Municipality of Lilienthal


energiekonsens Bremen GmbH


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Here you can see a few impressions of the project

Project objectives

The projects objectives were the following:

Increasing the energy awareness already in preschool age
Energy reduction in public institutions
Sustainable awareness of climate protection
Train the trainer in institutions for multiplying the idea of energy saving
Involving also parents for saving energy at home

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