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HyTrEc 2

About the project

HyTrEc 2

With 94% of transport currently oil based, green transport solutions such as hydrogen will play a key role in achieving EU energy and climate change targets. Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (FCEVs) are key as they have a larger range than electric battery vehicles and this extended range is essential in the North Sea which has a large number of small and medium sized cities with a large suburban and rural hinterland. Currently there is market failure caused by the high cost of FCEVs particularly for large fleet operators eg vans and the need to make green hydrogen cheaper through more cost effective hydrogen production, storage and distribution.


The key aim is to create conditions so that a FCEV market can develop, and promote the North Sea Region as a Centre for Excellence for fuel cells and range extenders.


The project will reduce the cost of hydrogen vehicles and reduce CO2 emissions by:

– Improving the operational efficiency of a wide range of vehicles such as vans, large trucks and refuse collection vehicles.
– Improving the supply chain and training so that the NSR becomes a Centre of Excellence for hydrogen transport and a competitive environment is formed
– Developing innovative methods for the production, storage and distribution of greenhydrogen.
– Ensuring that the NSR is the dominant region in the EU in terms of hydrogen transport.


The project will complement national programmes and facilitates joint NSR approaches and common standards.


For more information about the project, visit: http://northsearegion.eu/hytrec2/about/


Eligible Budget:  5.246.271,-€

ERDF Funding: 2.197940,-€

Fundingquote: 50%


European Institute for Innovation

Aberdeen city council

Centre of Excellence for Low Carbon and Fuel Technologies

Hogskolen i Narvik

SP Sveriges Tekniska Forskningsinstitut

Provincie Drenthe

Gemeente Groningen

Aberdeenshire Council



Funding Programme

Interreg VB North Sea Region Programme


For more information, visit the project website.

Interested in the project? Contact us for further projects.