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Live Projects Map

On the map you can see all partners of the running projects of the European Intitute for Innovation.


The EU Directive proposes that after 2020 all new buildings must be zero energy buildings and those buildings will also be Near zero CO2 emission buildings due to energy use. Although there has been much recent focus on measures to reduce the emissions from new buildings, the existing building stock remains largely untouched and many refurbishment projects miss opportunities to reduce emissions and deliver low CO2 buildings. ZERCO2 will define near zero CO2 emission buildings due to energy use and present the various benefits which result from this type of building. The project will promote the technology for Low CO2 Emission Buildings and elaboration of financing models.


The REBUS project takes care of existing buildings. During the project period existing buildings of different communities are investigated to what extent efficient renovation work, collaborations with construction companies and awareness of power supplies can provide an important saving of energy and public funds. BEcause of the partnership from Italy, Hungary, Poland, Romania, United Kingdom and Greece lots of exemplary, successful practices are exchanged and transformed to the regional level.


The FREED project (Funding Resources for Innovation in Energy Enterprise Development) is a three-year project and takes care of small and medium enterprises (SMES) in the program space, to identify and to increase the funding opportunities in the use of energy-saving measures in their own company by the aid of a cross-border trade network. This should both improve the potential for innovation, and on the other hand, the creation of jobs. In addition to the evaluation of the previous sources of financing available for small and medium companies in the energy sector, the communication of the project will be directed goal-oriented to larger business organizations, government agencies, chambers of commerce and the European Commission.

HyTrEc 2

The key aim of HyTrEc 2 is to create conditions so that a Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles market can develop, and promote the NSR as a Centre for Excellence for fuel cells and range extenders. The project will reduce the cost of hydrogen vehicles and reduce CO2 emissions by:
– Improving the operational efficiency of a wide range of vehicles such as vans, large trucks and refuse collection vehicles.
– Improving the supply chain and training so that the NSR becomes a Centre of Excellence for hydrogen transport and a competitive environment is formed
– Developing innovative methods for the production, storage and distribution of green hydrogen.
– Ensuring that the NSR is the dominant region in the EU in terms of hydrogen transport. The project will complement national


SmartUp accelerator

This project is targeting the innovation ecosystem intermediaries and want to strengtening their innovation capacity in relation to the promising field of consumer cleantech.
The project improves its innovation actors‘ skills to identify brilliant ideas and foster teams committed to creating new businesses and reducing the environmental burden of consumption. This is done by using the transnational training programmes and supporting activities as testbeds both for improving their own practices and for developing a model called SmartUp Accelerator. SmartUp Accelerator aim is to establish a continuous model for a BSR wide consumer cleantech innovation ecosystem.

2 impresz

2IMPREZS will stimulate change in the current situation by fostering both behavioural and technical efficient energy saving measures in existing schools, reducing energy consumption and thus reducing CO2 emissions. For the first time, this project will tackle the whole spectrum of energy efficiency measures: the behavioural, the technical and the financial approaches instead of focusing on one specific field.

GrowIn 4.0

The manufacturing industry is very important for the NSR economy and remains a driver for growth. The focus of the GrowIn 4.0 project will be the common challenges manufacturing SMEs throughout the NSR face today.

GrowIn 4.0 aims to build strong competences and tools in the participating regions for the benefit of manufacturing SMEs. The overall objective is to raise the level of innovation and to create more growth within manufacturing SMEs who are heading for Industry 4.0.

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