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About the project


The project Min-Novation dealt with the challenges and potentials of waste management of the mining and ore processing. For the partner countries of the Baltic Sea region, access to knowledge, modern technologies as well as best-practice models should be made possible. In addition to the development of innovative solutions, a simpler way to exchange with regional and national universities, research institutions and government agencies and governmental bodies should be realized through the establishment of regional and transnational Min-Novation networks in particular small and medium enterprises of mining processing and ore industry.

With the period from September 2010 to December 2013 were achieved several successes with the project Min-Novation. It was constituted a database with a series of reports on the status of mineral waste in the Baltic Sea region for small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Under www.min-novation.eu/sme-database.html  you can register your company in the database.

The project also included the constitution of a compendium of technologies of waste management and prevention, the establishment of Baltic policies and declarations on the waste management and an investment in four pilot installations. As the greatest success and the main concern, the Min-Novation project recorded the transfer of knowledge and innovation among stakeholders and strengthening of small and medium enterprises in the field of mining processing and ore industry.

These achievements were made possible through study tours and visits in mining companies, in which the participants got to know various methods for better recovery and disposal of waste and could communicate their own experiences. For an optimal baseline study for example mining waste from copper and oil shale were analysed in laboratories. At conferences the participants were informed about the latest evidence and they could inform and discuss. Lawful, financial and economic aspects also played a role as environmental concerns. External and to the network belonging experts from business, politics and science were imparting their knowledge to the participants.The reduction of air pollution, including sulphur, and the economical use of water were other aspects that could be implemented by the strong networking of science and entrepreneurship.


AGH University of Science and Technology

Tallinn University of Technology

Educational Institution of Employers Association Saxony-Anhalt

University of Stavanger

Upper Silesian Agency for Enterpreneurship Promotion

Foundation for Lower Silesian Mineral Resources Cluster

Kainuun Etu Ltd.University of Örebro

University of Oulu

European Insitutute for Innovation

Funding Programme

Baltic Sea Region Programme 2007-2013

Part-financed by European Regional Development Fund


For more information visit the BSR project website


Here you can see a few impressions of the project

Project objectives

The projects objectives were the following:

Organizing a Baltic network
Develop guidelines for measures for economic growth, technology transfer and sustainable mineral waste management
Implementation of pilot projects and experimental investment in the recovery of mineral waste in Estonia, Finland and Poland

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