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SmartUp Accelerator

About the project

SmartUp Accelerator

This project is targeting the innovation ecosystem intermediaries and want to strengtening their innovation capacity in relation to the promising field of consumer cleantech.


The focal point of cleantech is traditionally in industrial solutions that spring from innovations in process industry sector. Now the situation is changing, as cleantech startups emerge in consumer markets. Meanwhile the growth logic of cleantech companies is changing, as more and more companies start addressing the challenges and opportunities presented by resource scarcity, rising energy and fuel costs, digitalisation, automatization and user-centered design. This is what we call consumer cleantech. The BSR should be prepared to tap this huge business potential.

The project improves its innovation actors‘ skills to identify brilliant ideas and foster teams committed to creating new businesses and reducing the environmental burden of consumption. This is done by using the transnational training programmes and supporting activities as testbeds both for improving their own practices and for developing a model called SmartUp Accelerator.

SmartUp Accelerator aim is to establish a continuous model for a BSR wide consumer cleantech innovation ecosystem.

The main project result is the identification, creation and branding of an impactful and continuous BSR consumer cleantech innovation ecosystem which increases its innovation actors‘ capacity.

The project implements actions and models for networking and cultural cooperation, training programmes for intermediaries, SMEs and start-ups. It creates strategic and operational level long-term partnerships with relevant organisations and stakeholders and strengthens knowledge and awareness of consumer cleantech within the innovation and investor scene.

The activities will be tailor-made to meet the needs of the consumer cleantech sector, which is expected to offer great business opportunities in the immediate future. The time is right for the traditional cleantech to expand towards lifestyle related innovation and “smart-up acceleration”. The long term aim is to help the Baltic Sea Region to become and stay a front-runner in sustainable innovation and entrepreneurship through improvements in its innovation ecosystem.
The project is organised in five WPs incliding project coordination and administration (WP1). The main results and outcomes – The SmartUp Accelerator model is established in WP5. WP2,3 and 4 all includes targeted actions for strengtehning the targets groups innovation capacity and the development of processes and tools that will be utilsed within the model.

The project launches a transnational consumer cleantech innovation ecosystem capacity building process leading to BSR level strategic and operative partnerships and new commercialised innovations. That creates success stories on the EU and global consumer cleantech markets leading to increased prosperity, wellbeing and sustainability around the BSR.


Eligible Budget:  2.216.711,75 €

ERDF Funding: 1.733.903,48 €

Fundingquote: 75% (85%)


European Institute for Innovation

Innovatum AB

Demos Helsinki

Alexanderson Institute

Foundation for Technology Enterpreneurship

Johanneberg Science Park

University of Latvia

Foundation Tallinn Science Park Tehnopol

St. Petersburg Foundation for SME Development

The St. Petersburg House Property Owners Association (SPbHPOA)


Funding Programme

Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme


For more information visit the project website

or the project webspace

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